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My name is Ratha Kay and I’m teaching architecture photography and Food & Beverage photography, Product photography for Rathak. The goal of this class is for you to take away all the things that were going to be talking about and showing you and photograph somebody that’s very interesting to you. Maybe a friend and create a dramatic portrait of them. There are four big takeaways I like to ensure on every issue: One is a motion, two is light, three is focused in-depth, and four is making sure your subject is flattered. You want to walk away with a photo that is not only engaging but also makes not only the subject but your work look very flattered. The ideas to build my own income while working with other company. The crazy thing about daylight is it sometimes it comes and goes so it’s like a little dark right now, but we’ll work with it by adding more light to fulfill more towards the light. This class is about making mistakes but learning from those mistakes it’s about trial and error. It’s about grabbing emotion from a subject and it’s really for the experience all the way to the novice.


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To get a massive income from your knowledge, skill, talent came from your trying hard of find and practice every day!

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How to make income from you DSLR by loving nature


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